The Legend

If you thoroughly explore the movements of the celestial bodies in our universe, you will find that they all revolve around small, large and huge closed circles.


Well, . . The same is what Time is doing:

it turns into small, large and huge circles – Cycles

/See the illustration. . ./

One of these circles is the Cycle of the Two Epochs – the Dark and the Light.

Creatures inhabiting the Earth also rotate in this cycle unconscious, but unconditionally subject to its laws.

THIS CYCLE is composed of two symmetrical halves – Ascending and Descending. They differ only in the direction of events that happen through them. The upward half is made up of Sunrise, Wake, and Rise. A downward one is made up of Waning, Deposition and Sleep.

We are currently in a time of Sunrise.Our symmetrical moment in the past was the Sunset. In the time of the Sunset, the sublime teachings were encoded and hidden from the sight of the peoples, to which the dark millennia of the Cycle was yet to come.And in our times of Sunrise, these same teachings are revealed and decoded. They are gradually spreading again among the peoples, as they are due to the Cycle of the Day.

Suliu-HRaL was created to serve to this process.