INVITATION FOR PLAYERS – Amateurs and beginners

You know the games Backgammon, Dominoes and Table tennis, but do you recognize the Suliu system ?

Join the tournament and we will introduce you willingly.

  • From 8-th may – 10-th June – Qualification stage
  • From 13-th – 19-th June – FinalsPLACE : Uranopoli – Greece; Sofia, Bulgaria, or interactively through our virtual platform “I am your hands”

Subscriptions start – 22 April 2017

Subscriptions finish – 8 May 2017


/Prize Fund is gathered from our Charity fund/

Round-season ‘Spring’ 2017 will continue its charity cause to bring back the life in Razboishki monastery and to restore its unique old church located in the embrace of the rocks above Nishava river, at about 75 kilometers from Sofia.

25% from the Prize Fund will be credited to the monastery.  ( The organizers also participate with donations and volunteer labor ).

Our appeal to everyone who wants to play Subscribe for the tournament, although it won’t be easy!


You gain new friendships and contribute for the monastery!


CONTACT US: Candidats for players   –  0988 801 891,    0898 489 677