1. Mission of the tournament
  2. Games
  3. Unique Tournament Scheme
  4. The Personal Racing Protocol
  5. Tournament Cycling
  6. Timing round the seasons

g.Who can participate?

  1. The Right of a Duplicator
  2. Capper’s right
  3. Draw’s right
  4. Gaming kits
  5. Tournament ethics and morality
  6. Dressing and Heraldry
  7. Judging

о. Zone without Electronics

p.Ttournament Jam

  1. Cartons/Cards
  2. Distribution of the prize pool
  3. Ranking by nation and individual
  4. Tournament Guarantee
  5. The Secret Winner
  • Mission of the tournament

Mutual acquaintance and unification of strong and weak, big and small, smart and stupid, hardworking and lazy, old and young, eastern and western. Because we all in our innermost being carry the same souls.

  • Games

The suliu system is suitable for all games.

Unique Tournament Scheme not elimination, but mergers. When ranking the rankings from a given round, the first and the last team join in the next round; first and last, second with the one before the last etc.

  • The Personal Racing Protocol

Each player receives racing slippers and a form to record their results. This protocol takes account of the player’s rating in order to receive a relevant portion of the prize pool.

  • Tournament Cycling

The Suliu tournament is held in four round-season per year: “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Fall”

  • Timing round the seasons

Each round of the season has two stages:

  1. Qualification stage – two months. The ‘PRIMI’ and ‘SECUNDI’ games are played at a time, place and shape convenient for players.
  2. General games – 1 weekend

a / first day: QUARTI – teams of four people

b / second day: ‘OCTAVI’ – teams of eight people after noon: ‘SQUADRI’-FINALS – teams of 16 people.

  • Who can participate?

Anyone who wants to play on the SULYU system can apply. The event tournament organizers are involved to give a personal example of how to apply the principles of SULIU.

  • The Right of a Duplicator

Each player-holder has the right to be replaced by his own Dual Player who plays under his race number

  • Capper’s right

Everyone can hire a player to play for him – Capper. The winnings divide as they agree. There is no limit to the number of Cappers.

  • Draw’s right.

Each player has the right to request and obtain official equality against anyone. The formula is as follows: “Please for a Draw!”. – “You have it brother / sister!”

  • Gaming kits

Organizers provide all the complete games and accessories. By mutual agreement, players can also play with their sets.

  • Tournament ethics and morality

All the Sulliums involved in the tournaments talk to each other officially, with restraint and minimal. Players all help to have good order and harmony in the gaming room

  • Dressing and Heraldry

All players in the general halls put on special slippers, with pure socks or barefoot, with clean feet. They wear a badge with a number. “Throw the slipper” is the same as “throw the glove”.

Before playing, they say to one another: “Good luck to everyone!”

After a game: “Have a nice journey, I’ll see you in the final.”Coat of arms and logo of the tournament is: “Snail, Cheer and Heart”

  • Judging

The adversaries themselves resolve the disputed situations with the means of honesty and nobility

  • Zone without electronics

No electronic devices  are used in the gaming room.

  • Tournament jam

Also the fool of the tournament – this is the lead. there is a lot of freedom of speech, but from time to time Comandante throws him out of the hall with a red card.

  • Cartons/Cards

We use Yellow, Red and Green Cardboard

  • Distribution of the prize pool

The prize pool is in money, items and services. It gathers with requests to noble donors. 25% will be credited to the tournament charity fund. 25% will be awarded to each of the three teams who have reached the finals.

  • Ranking by nation and individual

If the tournament starts a team that is collected locally, the scheme will shuffle the players into a variety of formations. Finally, the personal racing protocols will calculate the total score of the original team and qualify against other teams. The Personal Competitive Protocol reflects the individual ranking of each player, regardless of the formations they pass through.

  • Tournament Guarantee

Not every candidate is accepted, but each started player finishes. Each finisher receives a stake from the Prize Fund.

  • The Secret Winner

This paragraph is worded only verbally